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20 Quick Tips for Better Time Management and More Free Time

20 Quick Tips for Better Time Management and More Free TimeYoure banging your head against the desk trying to multitask, but you just dont feel like its working. Here are 20 life hacks that can actually help drive up your productivity and help you get your incredibly efficient bottom out of the bro and onto the beach where you belong. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) 1. Automate your life when possibleThe Internet is your friend. For almost any daily task or errand you can think of, there is probably an app or automated option that will not only save you time, but save you the hassle of having to do things you dont enjoy (and save you dragging your feet). platzdeckchen up autopayon your accounts to pay your bills. Grocery shop online. Streamline your wardrobe to eliminate guess work. Spend the time you have doing things that excite you or that help you keep advancing.2. Cross tasks off your listIf you can complete a task in two minutes or less, do it immediately. Blast through unterstellung as soon as you notice them on your list. Remember the longer you wait, the longer it will take.3. Dont tax your brainYour ability to make clear decisions is not something you should take for granted. You cant always rely on your clarity and willpower. It is possible for you to get exhausted and to overwhelm your faculties. Try making big decisions in the morning when youre freshest. And if you arent feeling sharp, save your next decision for the following day when youre back in your groove.4. Streamline your morning routineIf you listen to music when youre getting ready in the morning, limit yourself to four songs max. Brush teeth, shower, dress, and do your finishing touches. One task per song. Then get out the door and get to work.5. Hide your temptationsOut of sight, out of mind. If you clear your worst distractions from your desk, it will be much easier for you not to get sidetracked by them.6. Dont be on call all the timeTur n your phone on silent and return your calls when its convenient for you and fits into your workdayrather than immediately after getting each call. You can even save up a few to make all at one time, rather than bleeding out little bits of your day for each one.7. Follow the waitress ruleNever go anywhere empty handed. Something can always be tidied or sorted. Complete half of your smaller tasks just by spreading them out over the course of the normal back and forth of your day.8. Limit your personal email checkingThis can derail even the most concentrated concentrators in the work world. Try to limit yourself to checking your personal email just three times a day, rather than every three minutes.9. Schedule sleepYou dont want your sleep schedule to be random. Set yourself a schedule and stick to it and this will help you keep your work hours from being random too.10. Use Self ControlNot just the lower case kind were all supposed to have, the productivity app. Limit your access to t he websites that are the most distracting for you. You can set time limits for yourself to be your most productive.11. Practice what you preachIf you want to excel at something you have to work at it. Every day.12. Say noIf you dont actually want to do something or to accept an invitation. You might piss off an acquaintance or two, but youll have a lot more time on your hands to work on things that matter.13. Keep a to-do listWrite tasks down and enjoy the thrill of crossing them off when completed. This way youll never forget a task and youll keep yourself honest about just how long you put certain things off.14. Go PomodoroGive the Pomodoro technique a try. Theres an app for it. 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off. Total dedication to your task in tiny increments. Watch and see what you can accomplish.15. Tackle the big stuffPick the meatiest, most important tasks on your to-do list and tackle those first. Youll be more driven to work on these things and will free up space on your list for more things to get accomplished16. MeditateSeriously. Just 10 (to as many as 60) minutes a day can make a huge difference over a period of months in your mental clarity and focus. Clear your mind every day and see what greatness you can manifest.17. MultitaskIf youre a fan of podcasts or audiobooks, consume them when youre otherwise occupied, but with tasks that dont require a great deal of concentration. Exercising, commuting, cooking, etc. Triple what you can accomplish in a span of time.18. Dont sit without a planEvery time you sit down at your desk or your computer, make sure you have a plan for what you intend to do while your butt is in that chair. Set an absicht (even one as simple as ten minutes on Facebook). But make sure you stick to it. That way, when you sit down to do real work, youll honor your goal.19. Fold over tapeThis is a good and practical thing to do, and perhaps also a metaphor for leaving projects in the middle. If youre using a roll of tape, fold over the loose end before putting it away. It will save you time and energy when you need to use it again without having to find the seam.20. Plus oneWhenever you sit down to cross a task off your to-do list, add one. If every time you set out to accomplish one thing, you actually knock through two things, imagine what you can get done throughout your whole career.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

6 Reasons Why Your Boss Doesnt Confide In You

6 Reasons Why Your anfhrer Doesnt Confide In You Studies reveal that one of the main reasons employees are dissatisfied at work is because of their relationship with their manager. While it is a managers responsibility to establish a positive and productive work environment built on trust, employees play a large part in building or breaking that. Rather than place the blame on the boss, well explore how employees can impact working relationships.Great working relationships are built on trust. In training and coaching employees, I help them become aware of the behaviors that build or break trust among management and gruppes. Now, if it seems like your boss doesnt confide in you, it may be because of any of these six reasons.1. You Dont Follow Through on Your ResponsibilitiesSomewhere down the line, you may have dropped the ball. Maybe you were given a deadline and didnt follow through on your commitments. Perhaps you over promised and underdelivered. If you dont know how to do the job , seek or ask for help the alternative will reveal itself later in poor wertmiger zuwachs or sub par work. Whatever the circumstances, your lack of follow through on your responsibilities will break down your bosss trust in you to handle future assignments. If you noticed that youre being passed up on opportunities or not given as many responsibilities as your colleagues, it may just be because your boss no longer trusts in you to get the job done.2. You Refuse To Accept Responsibility for Your MistakesRather than make excuses or blame your circumstances on others, accept responsibility and accountability for your mishaps. Not taking responsibility for your actions will quickly make your kollektivmates and boss lose trust in you. Admitting where you went wrong will help you earn trust and respect from your colleagues. Youll set a good standard for your team to own up to their mistakes as well. Theyll relate to you for simply being human.3. You Dont Get Along With Your TeamIf you tea r down your teammates rather than build them up, your boss will lose confidence in you. A manager prefers to have team members who lead and lift one another up. If you throw your colleagues under a bus and criticize their behaviors, then it will be difficult for your boss to see you as a leader. Even if youre a top performer, this still stands. You may think youre doing your boss a favor by complaining about how your teammates arent pulling their weight, but that is far from the truth. Your boss is challenged with building and managing a team to perform and get along well. Rather than tear your teammates down, step up as a leader to help build your teammates up. Youll earn major respect from your boss.4. You Complain Instead Of Finding SolutionsRather than focus on all challenges in your job, seek solutions. If youre constantly complaining, frustrated and pointing out problems, then your boss will lose trust in your ability to help the company make progress. All great companies go t hrough their share of challenges and growing pains. Focus on the progress and help implement solutions. This will earn you the trust of your team and employer. You want your boss and teammates to see you as the victor who focuses on the gains, rather than the victim who focuses on the pain.5. You lieIf you exaggerate or twist the truth, you will lose trust. Many employees think that by hiding the truth, theyre protecting themselves and others from potential negative consequences. If you make a mistake, own up to it and turn it into a learning opportunity. If you said something that offended somebody in your office, apologize. You will earn respect for being sincere, honest and human. When an employer has to puzzle together the pieces and investigate all sides of a scenario, its easy for them to lose the trust of employees who blatantly lie, exaggerate or hide the truth. Separate your feelings from the facts of the matter.6. You Cause amtsstube DramaGossip, negativity and drama are d istracting to the business. If youre participating in office drama, whether its escalated to your manager or not, it creates a ripple effect and impacts office culture. The last thing a busy boss wants to deal with is drama. When drama brews, the best thing to do is to mind your own business or try to nip it in the bud.An employee who has good character and consistently demonstrates competence will build trust. This happens over time. Although its tough to mend trust thats broken, take these as lessons learned and try to tip back the scale to earn back your bosss trust.--Evangelia is an expert career coach at The Muse and founder of Career Ready platzset Rock an independent consultancy for millennial women, moms and moms-to-be who want to make more moves, money and meaning in their lives and careers. Although Evangelia swears by strengths assessments and action plans, at heart she believes that the greatest life blessings and lessons come from being present, surrendering and having faith.

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What Absolutely Everybody Is Saying About Customer Service Rep Resume

What Absolutely Everybody Is Saying About Customer Service Rep Resume Should it, you can end up with a dropped call. Personalize your call center cover letter more by including a fact you adore about the organization. As youre creating a resume for a call centre position, be sure that you display your customer tafelgeschirr experience, and any telephone experience youve got. So before you sit down to customize your resume so you may apply for a bank call center agent position, please make sure you proceed through the subsequent sample. The Customer Service Rep Resume Pitfall The customer service representative might not be a certified agent, but might offer information regarding policies that might help sell a policy to a customer. The insurance policy representative should have verbal communication skills to offer information to customers. Written communication skills are essential to document service calls. A place of Customer Service Representative where my excellent her ausforderung resolution abilities and product based knowledge is going to be employed to obtain new clients and retain present ones. When it has to do with working with professionals, your best choice would be with us. Working in a call centre usually means that you will be on the phone for most your shift, and will need to maintain a pleasant tone and attitude whilst managing customers who might not be happy. Based on the particular position, you might be working in billing, retention, or basic customer support. Salary is also based on the employing business and the sort of work an individual will be doing. Our resume builder gives you tips and examples on how best to compose your resume summary. All you have to do is consult with an expert customized essay writing service like ours that is guaranteed to submit all of your assigned work punctually. Using resume maker program program can even be sure your resume makes the suitable impression. Some customer service resume s amples are offered on the net, and they can have the ability to present additional practical tips regarding inclusions, but they might not always have the most optimum structure. What you do need is exceptional communication abilities and the capability to analyze problems over the telephone and offer viable solutions. A top quality sample customer service resume will incorporate quite a few suitable key terms and phrases that could comprise phrases like customer satisfaction, customer retention, processes or efficiency, based on the particular job. The nature of consumer inquiries can vary from a very simple question, like the shipment of their product, to more elaborate questions or serious complaints. The solution is that even if its an accomplishment that youre repeating, its still an accomplishment and in past tense. Life, Death, and Customer Service Rep Resume It is possible to also get more fast. Insurance representatives should have good typing skills and basic compu ter abilities. The call center resumes have a number of benefits. Primarily, its important to realize that the job duties will differ in line with the organization and the industry you opt to work in. In addition, you can look for call center jobs on Monster. In case the template is for just 1 sort of meeting, including a monthly meeting of department heads or quarterly meeting of executive management, place the meeting name on top.

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How to Use 5 of the Most Helpful Job Search Apps

How to Use 5 of the Most Helpful Job Search AppsHow to Use 5 of the Most Helpful Job Search Apps2Here are five job search apps you can start using today to make your job search easier. If you want to achieve maximum results, I recommend using these tools in conjunction with one another1. schmelzglas HunterEmail Hunter is a great little attachment that will plug right into your Chrome browser and generate email addresses for you. As a bonus to this search app, it also plugs right into LinkedIn by adding an Email Hunter button to anyones profile. This way you can grab the contacts email without leaving LinkedIn.Once the email is generated, the tool will provide a Confidence Score. This basically tells you how likely it is that the email address is a working one.Another way to find email addresses is to look at company email address patterns and apply that to your contact. For example, if your desired contact is Pattie Hammersmith and another persons email address at the same company is, its a safe bet that your contacts email will be you find the contact info, draft an email seeking advice, input, perspective on the industry or a current project of yours, or anything related to work. Its very important to make sure you come across as approachable and personable. Your objective in this email should be to land a quick phone call, Skype call, or just a simple meet n greet. Dont worry if you dont hear a response the first try. Make sure to follow-up.Now you can add them on LinkedIn and remind them that you sent them an email seeking advice.2. LinkedIn zum besten vonYou need to become a pro at searching for people. Ever since LinkedIn has a put a limit on the number of searches per month, its definitely worth the $75 per month for a Pro subscription- even if its for just a month or two.Search smart and have a targeted approach. Reaching out to key human resource professionals is too generic, as theyre often the gatekeep ers to the person who will make the final decision. You should try and find the person who would be your superior.For example, lets say my dream job is a content marketer at Uber. I would spend as much time as possible to find the top people for content marketing at Uber. This probably will include the content director, content manager, content editor, or similar professionals. Create a list and then do your research on these people.After finding them on LinkedIn, do not add them just yet. You should get more information to help your introduction be more personal. Luckily, theres a really effective app that will do a lot of that work for you.3. charlottenburger AppCharlie is like a personal assistant search app that browses through hundreds of public sources and aggregates all this info into an intelligent one pager. This little tool can save you a ton of time searching, and it also organizes the findings. The sources include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others.Charlies gre at for breaking the ice, finding common topics, knowing the other partys interests, and recent accomplishments. The delivered one pager is broken down into the following categoriesCongratulateLatest interactionsCurrent company infoThis should be enough information to put you ahead of the game and set you up for an awesome cold outreach email.4. JustReachOutEntering a new career? Need to get up to speed on your industry? JustReachOut is used by public relations professionals but as a job search tool, its a great way to see what people are talking about.Going back to the previous example, if my industry is content marketing, I can simply search for content marketing. The software aggregates all recent blogs, articles, and any other content that has covered this particular topic. This is a great way to get caught up on the latest trends and sound like a pro in any conversation.5. RapportiveRounding out the list is a must-have tool for your job search or just for everyday life. Rapporti ve plugs into your Gmail, and whenever you input someones email address, it brings up a highlight of their LinkedIn profile. This is helpful when writing that cold email.Having a face and a professional profile in front of you helps you write a better and more personal email. The profile helps by providing a quick reference of their current and past positions, and their profile picture can give you a sense of their personality.Zoltan Szalas is cofounder of hrnchen, the easy way for employers to offer on-the-go work space for remote and traveling employees. Connect with Zoltan and the Croissant team on Facebook or Twitter. members receive a discount at Croissant as part of the Member Savings ProgramReaders, what job search apps have you used to help you land a job? Tell us in the comment section below

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5 Worst Employees in Human History

5 Worst Employees in Human History5 Worst Employees in Human HistoryYou had one jobhamburger King Tub DudeDo you know about stickers in Burger Kings toilets which says employees must wash hands? Well, this guy took it to another level. As he keeps saying in the video its my birthday and I felt like having a bath. There would be nothing wrong with it except he was having it in the Burger Kings kitchen sink.This FedEx WorkerThis FedEx employee of the year was just unlucky that camera caught him right in the act tossing a flat screen monitor over the fence and walking away. Angry owner of the package uploaded the video on youtube and it went viral right away.Sex Tape TeacherEveryones favourite teacher distributed a class memory DVD to the fifth-grade students. The problem was, that she included her home made porn videos with it. She instantly called to the families trying to prevent them from playing it to their kids. It was a very embarrassing mistake, but this could happen to everyon eThe transportation security agent stealing from luggagePythias Brown decided to earn some extra money by stealing from checked luggage. He stole items worth of $200 000. He attracted the attention after trying to sell these items on eBay. He was fired and charged with theft.Bank Employee Caught Watching Porn on Live NewsIt takes a lot of courage to watch porn at work. But this guy will never do it again His boss was talking about interest rates and inflation in a live news. Unfortunately, this guy was in the frame and milions of people could landsee what he was doing. Reportedly he was checking out Victorias Secret angel Miranda Kerr.Do you like this story? Share it with your friends.Share Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments

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Making the Most of Career Development Programs

Making the Most of Career Development ProgramsMaking the Most of Career Development ProgramsEmployers often highlight their career development programs as a way to boost their recruitment and retention efforts. Thats because so many job candidates and employees place a premium on companies that devote time, money and resources to helping employees learn and grow.But are you taking full advantage of your companys training options? Or, if youre a student or recent graduate, are you factoring in development opportunities when evaluating prospective employers?You should be.Today, career development programs go beyond classroom instruction to include a wide range of activities, including individual coaching, mentoring, job shadowing and more.Heres helpful information on ways you can use a companys career development program to your advantageLook for companies that value career developmentIf youre searching for a new role, be sure the companies you are considering have career development p rograms for their employees. While salary and benefits are key concerns, its also important to factor in an employers commitment to investing in your career growth. Robert Half, for example, has a Management Training Program for recent college graduates that offers intensive training. The program not only enables participants to grow their skills, it also paves the way to ample advancement opportunities in the areas of recruiting and business development.APPLY NOWFocus on your individual development planAt many firms, managers discuss long-term career goals at least once a year with their direct reports. These annual or semiannual reviews can seem like a chore, but they help significantly with career development - when youre proactive and approach them with the right attitude.In other words, dont view your individual goals as a mere checklist you have to get through during the year. Rather, work with your boss to set meaningful objectives that will boost your performance and help y ou grow toward the position you hope to one day land. For example, if you aspire to become a manager, ask if you can include leading a project kollektiv in your goals, along with your productivity and efficiency objectives.Also, dont wait for your annual review to assess how youre doing. Stay in close contact with your manager about your career development plan. Ask to meet at least once a quarter to discuss your progress and to explore new initiatives that might help you reach your objectives.Use career development programs to find a mentorEducation can take many forms. Lots of career development programs include a mentorship component. Mentoring allows you to learn from someone who has already mastered a particular skill. In addition to enhancing your soft skills or technical abilities, a mentor can also help you learn key insights about the business. If youre lucky, your company already has a formal mentorship program, in which they train mentors and match them with interested em ployees. But even if thats not the case, you can create informal mentoring relationships.First, explain to your manager that youre looking for a mentor who can help guide your professional development, and ask if theres anyone in the management ranks who might be interested.Another option is to set up a mentoring partnership with another employee in your department. Maybe youre an expert in a certain software program, and a coworker is a specialist in a different program. Pair up with that person and school each other in your respective areas of expertise.Seek job-shadowing and volunteer opportunitiesIf youre considering a few different career paths in your company, request to spend time with senior employees in each of those positions. Job shadowing is an aspect of many career development programs that allows you to see first-hand what a role is like and what skills are necessary to do the job. With that knowledge, you can work on developing those skills - or you might decide that the career path is not for you.In addition, keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities at work that allow you to hone new skills. For instance, if you want to work on your organizational skills, consider stepping up for an event-planning group. All it takes is a willingness to learn and a little assertiveness to move your career along the right path.

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Government Stands Up for Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs

Government Stands Up for Legitimate Telecommuting JobsGovernment Stands Up for Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs2legitimate, hand-screenedtelecommuting and flexible job opportunities, is thrilled to see the government standing up for legitimate telecommuting jobs.Details of the scam crackdown for legitimate telecommuting jobsOperation Empty Promises announced this week more than 90 enforcement action, 48 criminal actions, seven civil actions, and 28 state law enforcement actions against netz business scammers throughout the United States.This crackdown comes from a collaboration of the FTC, the DOJ, the Postal Inspection Service, and state law enforcement agencies in Alaska, California, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia.The targets of this crackdown include scam companies that promise job seekers the opportunity to Be Your Own Boss and Start an Internet Business and then ask for credit card information, person al banking accounts, and payments in order to get the jobs, which generally dont even exist.The full details of the investigation are available at the FTC website, including the names of scam companies under investigation. Here at, were constantly talking about the need to be critical and to do your homework in any job search, and especially for folks looking for telecommuting jobs. Here is our overview on How to Spot Job Search Scams, which we strongly encourage job seekers to read. And as always, were committed to providing ONLY legitimate, pre-screened telecommuting and flexible job listings at. Heres an excellent, informative two and a half minute video developed by the FTC which gives an overview of work-at-home scams and how to spot them. Our favorite quote Scammers create the impression that the Internet is a magic place where you can easily earn money without putting in hard work or without having a solid business plan. If youre getting promises like that, its a great sign t hat youre dealing with a scammer.Video Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs vs Work at Home ScamsSaveSave